YouTube story


YouTube story

YouTube story

YouTube is online social media this is Google product, now the world number none video watching online this website to people are earn the ad senses to earn money  video creators,  present every minute lack of the videos upload the world wide this way YouTube revenue is coming to the advisement this way this revenue is share the video create people.

Now 2022 year YouTube is new rules is coming the next year this are number one the 4000 watching time and reels is 10 million views is coming to the ad sends to earn the new video's upload the people. Short videos also with out copy right content is create the videos to earn the money this new rule is coming to the online videos makers.

How is YouTube create

The YouTube is the create the Steve scheme and other two persons this are working the PayPal company time this website create the , different code to create the video platformer the   website is most popular the internet this are search engines is the some problemists the stubbed and other name of the domain is search the result is show the online, more people are she other website this one is solve the goggle to the company is add the Google to total share market value to add the 1% of the shred is give the makers this website total taken the Google in 2005.

This time to Google other similar domain name also taken the Google to only one website is show the users now the YouTube is 2005 time to present day now many chances is give the updates coming to the every year one major update is give the Google, the Google is create the one of the software and content policies also change the every time,

The Google is ad sends to earn money the lack of the people, this are revanu share the video creator,  starting days vimeo is content provide the people are waching content then Google is allow the every one can upload the videos , on drop back is the copy content video is uplode the people to total cannels is block the vieo creator tis lass the many days of the work this way online video is big problem is coming only one video is block to continue the channels is many new creaote is help for the new video creator.

The YouTube videos in like and shre buttion to all sociell media to coming the traffic in YouTube and video creatot I searn the money, Google ad sencs is impress the many people this way YouTube video si share the all sociell platfoem to reach the many people and target of the groups shre to very fast grouth your channel this way your earn the online way make money.

YouTube is hd qulity bsed formats is show the every user , this way online videos waching time now smart tvs is coming the 2015 year this way people are waching the YouTube vieos in tvs this way, YouTube is hd qulity video is offer the many devises life the mobile and  destop to best video waching the any time and any places,

People are waching the entatinment videos this way YouTube is category based contant is how the online waching people, long and short video is now avelabuull the YouTube,  full movies like the latest movies is watching the YouTube, loccall lanvages is offer the latest videos is show the top screen,  user feed based to videos how the YouTube.

The online videos are big compition is the facebook  yes this both social media to videos shre innumber one the world wide, this are no storage limit and many people are reach the shot time thissome most impartent tips see now, YouTube is subscribe and facebook is liked the page this are most impartent reach the more people major factor is hastag this add to your video is short time to many people reach the YouTube and facebook also.

The YouTube upcoming days reels to ads disply the 2023 year this way many ads is dis paly to use is nor interest the waching videos this way YouTube is thinking to launch the time people request or one plces is experiment there start the world wide users the application the YouTube short ads display the every 2 minite one ad this way advatisment people is  waste money one user is one over  60 shorts is see this time 60 ads  how the YouTube his way advertisement cost very high this way use is not intrest the YouTube short .

YouTube short is some problem is create the next year this are in bigext one short in inner ads or long as ads is shoe the most impact the use  first one thinks every 5 video shorts to ads is disply to remain 4 vidoes create people is not earn the money with YouTube shorts.

Youtbe is online share video top companies and news channels is use the YouTube , this way every person is see the latest update and entatinment videos to one click to share the word wide, YouTube is big problem is feck news, many yputuber is create the fack videos, share the online, many times to user attention to create the fack video share the online this people are not conformed the information is true ot fack to this one to help YouTube upcoming days.


The YouTube is top video share website, this also some problems are have her most important is copay right video channels to total block and next on  feck news is most common problem the YouTube video  many ads is show the YouTube  middle video time ads is show to loaded time is waste the internet this big problems the online videos now the YouTube short is ads is show the 2023 year plan the YouTube.

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