vikram vedha box office collation world day 1,2,3, till now

 vikram vedha box office collation  world day 1,2,3, till now

vikram vedha

the vikram vedha movie is two big heros saif ali khan  next hrithik roshan coming to one screen to many fancs to very happy this movie, story written by the Pushkar in Hindi language based movie is bubing the major Indian language, this movie name is Tamil movie name also same. movie produced by the ynot studios and reliance Entertainment , jio studios  combine this movie is making, every one actor is best story is vikram vedha.

the movie  is stating February 2021,  movie to story accepted the Amir khan and other one is Hrithik Roshan  movie is stating the two heroes coming the only time 10 days to to finished movie, the video songs also good acting to mesparising the every one the only also watching youtube, the music is background is very attesting the many impress all.

the movie  vikram vedha 

movie cast 

Hrithik Roshan roll name is vedha Betaal, saif Ali Khan is roll name is vikram , the most bountiful heroine is Yoglta Bihani roll name is Chanda,  young Buti is Radhika Apte is roll Name is Priya ,  actor is Rohit suresh saraf is roll name is shatak, next actor is Sharib hashmi is roll name is Babioo, satyadeep Mishra in roll name is ssp abbas.

  • vikram vedha movie directed by the pushkar also movie story written.
  • vikram vedha produced by the S. Sashikanth
  • edited by the Richard Kevin 
  • Audio songs is Sam C.S and Vishal shekhar
  • movie making companies ynot studios ,  jio studios, Reliance entertaiment T- series filims.
  • vikram vedha distributed by the pvt movies 
  • vikram vedha movie release date is the 30 september 2022
  • movie running time is 160 mintes
  • langvages in Hindi and other langvages to audio dabbing.
  • vikram vedha budget is the 175crore
  • vikram vedha Bof Office Collection
  • this mvoie is first day 11core rupees Opening day.

movie first  week  37 crore rupees  revenue coming

full movie collection is 59 cores rupees.

day wise collcation list

  • day 1   30 sep Amount 11 crore 
  • day 2   01 sep Amount 12 crore 
  • day 3   02 Oct Amount 13 crore 
  • day 4   03 Oct Amount 5 crore 
  • day 5   04 Oct Amount 5 crore 
  • day 6   05 Oct Amount  7 crore 
  • day 7   06 Oct Amount 3 crore 

first week box office collection is 59 crore 

state wise collcations see her now

  • mumbai  - 18 crore rupees 
  • Delhi and up - 13  crore rupees
  • pnjab state in  - 5 crore rupees
  • ci and cp states-  - 1.60 and 5.50 crore rupees
  • ap and ts   - 5 crore rupees
  • rajasthan  - 2.50 crore rupees
  • bengal -  4.50  crore rupees
  • bihar, assam, and orissa - 4  crore rupees
  • tamil nadu and other 3 crore rupees

movie theaters wise collection 

  • pvr - 15crore 
  • Inox - 12 crore
  • cinepolis - 6 crore
  • other s - 5 crore Apex

world wide box office collection 

  • the movie Overseas 4 crore
  • India total bx offic net 59 crore
  • box office inida gross  in 70 crore
  • gross oversea in 30 crore

totall world wide collections 100 cores

digital rights and satellite rights

the movie vikram vedha Digital rights  ott platform 50 crores rupees    purchased is jio cinema it full righties taken the movie unit, satellite rights are taken by the big tv is 150 crore rupees to  purchased completed the  few days back.  10 weeks to this movie is show the jio app see her now.

music rights 

this movie is vikram vedha music right is purchased by the T- Series  Hindi languages and also dubbing other language also is full rights is taken by the T- series company, core of the vies are coming the songs the the next 10 weeks to videos songs is relishing the company plan.

to big hero is multi stat movie is one of the supper hit the vikram vedha movie, this is Hindi langvage best revenue is coming the first week the all over the world in best 100 crore revanu is comming this movie. hero in  is also good roll is play the movie every review writing person is best rating has give the every one, this one main topic and other one is movie tack is also good this dasara time to relies the movie is supper hit the Hindi and all places.

the movie is Ott is Jio movie is taken the full right  is movie is your miss the theaters next 7 to 10 weeks offers ott to see he vikram vedha movie,  this movie is also 100 crore club is joined the this year , satellite rite is taken the big tv to see the tv in next 2 month offers to play the tv screen , this movie is revenue is good font box office . two big heroes is one screen share to many movie are hit every time this formula also use the this vikram vedha movie.

the movie vikram vedha songs is Bande song music create sam c.s. singer name is sivam, yaara song music sam c.s. singer is Armaan Malik , Alcoholia and oo saaiba song si music director is vishal shekhar singer is shekhar, the movie total time is 15 minutes. this movie is god adians response is coming the Mumbai and new deli people are watching this movie to game changer of the movie, next one is the north India people are like this movie to box office is 100+ crore revenue is coming.

in the movie is every one doing well acting the story content to line many people this why big actor movie sis people are coming to watching the theaters the movie also hit the Hindi languages speaking states is supper hit the vikram vedha movie ,  box office is 100 crore earn the one week time.

concllusion :

this vikram vedha movie multi hero movie is good way to reach the people to coming to theater this movie box offices is good amount of money revenue coming one week time, the before movie relishing time also good market is coming audio is taken the 10 core  to T- series and vikram vedha movie digital and satellite rights to  total 150 crore revenue is coming the movie is hit.

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