The Ghost movie box office collation world wide


 The Ghost movie box office collation world wide

The Telugu top hero nagarjuna is new movie is the gost  this is hindi doing movie the telugu version is acting this movie is now revising the theaters to the wat ae thecollation in the teaters lock for the new movie is best acting thirst experiment in this movie is type of the movies is nagarjuna is acting is raju gari gadi movie is also the gost role to support a curator the movies is acting many movies.

The movie very improve the graphic world is show the screen this movie like the cartoon movie like this felling this movie is create the chanramoki and nagavali and the most gost movie is chonchana this type of the movie sis Telugu world this type of the films many have hear. The new movie is name also is a the gost movie is online promotion  to many typleof the revies  are coming the different this rating also normal for the idbm also stable rating this movie is box occication is nornall for the tack this time nagarjuna movie is bhamstra only hit his year this also is side roll in this film this new film also is normal rating and box offices collations are see her bellow.

The Gost movie is cast list see her bellow.

Hero of the movie is Nagarjuna the movie roll is vikram , the gost movie heroine is sonal chauhan the roll name is priya , other actorrs names are see in real name and roll names Gu panag rool name is Anu , kaja Aggarwall is the one of the good roll the gost movie, anikha surendran the roll name is Aditi , simmi soshal the movie roll name is shikaha , seniar of the age jaya praksh the roll vikram, the other roll is srikanth lyengar   , other woman is Vaishnavi ganatra roll name is Hrithi and ravi Varma is the movie roll is panjaj nair.

The gost movie is the story written and directed by the mr. praveen sattaru, the movie is produced by the suniel narang , edited the filim is Dhamendra kakarala , the movie production is sri venkateswara cinemas , full movie is only telugu language  running time is 138 minutes .

The Gost movie box office collection  telugu states

Day 1 – 3.5 crore rupees

Day 2 - 1.2 crore rupees

Day 3 – 0.70 crore rupees

Day  4 – 1 crore rupees

Theaters in totoall amount is 6.75 core of the amount is coming to the teugu The Gost movie , the online is the very small amount of the money is earn the new movie of the nagarjuna . the movie is flat  and very poor the people are not coming to the interest the theaters this way nagarjuna movie is not  hit the box office.

The gost movie digital and satellite rights

The movie is hindi dubbed telugu version is create the nagarjuna this movie is all digital right is taken the hostor,, and this movie satellite rights also taken the star maa channel this way bother digital and satellite rights are taken the star group company this is show the next 8 weeks to show thehostor to relies the movie to plan the movie unit, the totoal rights to 10 core rupees is revenue is coming the gost movie.

Audio rights

The gost movie is audio is nagarjuna owned company is Annapurna studios to relishing the every movie songs this way new movie also anapurna music is relising the all song this all song is good, the movie is music also normal rating vies also very normally.

This movie is songs all are show the bigg boss telugu 6 reality show ply songs , movie unit also coming the show to promote the gost movie. But the normal people is not coming theaters many people are now see new movie sin ott this way waiting the ott relying to watch the gost movie.

Telugu movie is the pan India movies create time to this type of movies are first tirade rates is very high , this way people are not inert the watching movies, gst also apply the movie tickets to normal people are not coming to the movie theaters now a days this one also big resion the many movie are not hit the box offices, now the Ott time to many movies are relies is the every week this way new movies, online dubing also all languages this also every new movie is two  to three languages to dumbing the many movie this also people are not wching all movie only supper hit movies are watching online.

The Gost movie review

The movie is nagarjuna is working well the story is impress the curator,  every on can do  byt movie is not ingesting new topics the entire movie this way people this also is a normally moves this tv channels paid promotion to the every hit but not impress the movie funs this also reaction in the box office  upcoming days family movie to Acton plan the nagarcjuna .

Kajal agarwal is now this way nor hit any movie of 2022, time is not good , 5 year back is every movie is hit this time is kajal is not show the new look upcoming movies, she reacently mother this also impact the move working time is spend is show, and dialog delivery is god but way of the extraction is not good for the look the face, this main factor, songs acting aslo is very low, one word to say the kajal is not show the 100 % working in the movie,


The Gost movie is box collation is not good for this year only 5 days to 10 core rupes bellow is collation, coming the movie is movie making 30 core but box office is only 7 core earn the first wekk, this move digitally and satellite right to making 20 core biasness coming the movies, the audio is the own company is Annapurna music to launch the nagarjuna, this way audio right to no money is coming the Gost movie. Overall the movie is normally other way to making money is good.



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