Trisha life story

 Trisha life story


Most bountiful actor of the Telugu movies also Tamil miss Chennai is winner in 1999 year, best actress good performance the evry movie she well doing the every time tv channels is hosting the some show big screen and small telethon also good fowling she coming the south india people to like the movies. telugu in top heroes to she acting the movies she well doing acting and good look to impress the many people.


Trisha is bon the 4th may in 1983 year,  Chennai city in her family to living the 20 year . she living in Chennai city  school and college is education is complete the  then she bba course competed by the eithiraj college for the woman in Chennai ciry, the first time 1999 year she secated by the miss Chennai  most prastages award she win the 23 years back,  to next the acting to desiding the movies chanes to waiting time to enter the tamil and telugu movies she doing well.

Movie life.

She first movie is lasa lesa the filim she heroine friend  roll doing the well success, to enter the movie world, 2003 year  next movie is enakku 20 unakku 18  movie in all songs are music by the AR Rahman , the 20 year time to many movies shw doing very well the top heroine in telugu Mahesh baby in athadu movie in telugu top other hero is nagarjuna to acting the king movie this type of the roll doing very well, comedy is and best song is  romantic songs also ding very well. Prabas to create the varsham movie is rain song is all  ways super hit the young people are now a days sing the song, varsham movie in telug filim fare to nominate the Trisha,  the movie also remake the tamill language  hero name is jijay.

2007 time she acting Ghillu this movie is 175 days pay the theaters is one of the comeday and dama filim people are very entertainment the spots lovers the movie she pay the kabaddi player,  looks very well in movie this are one of the most hit movie in Trisha life, thia also long time to theaters pay the movie in Trisha movie care . next new movie in actin the thirupaachi movie in this masala actiong movie well porfamacns to impress the movie funs this is young people to see most drama is very good paly. Tamil movie in many remake filims she doing very well, hot and tradition both are doing best in screen show the porfamcns. Trisha south Indian film fare warards  are coming the 2008 year.

Pourmami movie is best dance for finances the load shiv song is very well, the tamill langvages is remake the movie also Trisha heroine roll acting, stalin movie in telugu mega star chiranjeevi to create mest movie in dances also very well the, this movie super hit the telugu and this movie dabbing the other lavages to help the movie care to star heroine places coming the Trisha.

Tamill movies in bheema is the drama movie , kuruvi movies also best hit the tamill languages, both movies box office captions also good, this time to create the prabha to one movie is bujjigadu is the one supper hit the love combining the chilled hood time friends to then the young age to search the her boy friends, to  this movie is love and emotion to care the end of the film to very good movie acting the Trisha.

Trisha is 2009 year time is sarvam movie with main hero roll is gopichand,, in other country based to love her the best movie to love to hero in merger to dates change for famines is very well to inspiring the lovers to this movie every grille love time this doing well show the screen in Trisha, this time to t their love movie is krushna this is acting with ravi teja to main roll to love the Trisha to home inkiss screen is very well Trisha Is jump with her lover screen is very good and many people are impress the Trisha acting. This movie is nominations also going the many films to small anount movies are hit the heroine roll very well .

The telugu hestoricall movie create time is venkateh to create two movie one is namo venkatesha and other one is body grad both movies are supper hit, this movie one common word is bangaram to speaking the venkatesh to love her Trisha, to express her love to very comedy, body gard movie in black dress fraction section are very good to fun the movie, auto mate clove her the both movies one boy attract the  grille voice to the phone call to impress to this movie show and acting also very well.

Trisha is horror movie also acting Armani 2 in tamill 2017 year, this also very best to night time to screen are very well express horror felling her face and body style, the doing very story doing 100%  porfamans the each and ever movie some very fun create the angry face one example is king movie is bhamhanadam to betting time to express the face see very comedy tacking style is very good to impress the funs.


Trisha is young people in most telugu and tamill languages in dream grille,  well for farming and spiking style to many more people reach the moves, no centavos is  coming the Trisha, is very fare in acting time and real life also she well acting small tv channels programs to judgment roll also play the Trisha. First movie to present movie body and fitness is very god maintain the all time people are love her acting in movies. Funs are very happy with new moves acting well performances The sociell media is god amount o the followers coming 5 million followers the all platforms the Trisha the new movie and daily activates to share instagrm  the social media most time she use,

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