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Priya Anand

Priya Anand

One grille Is very quite and smart actor name is Priya Anand, she ating four Languages  main south Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam  she own start in kannada also best roll pay the Priya Anand, good acting and box office collations is amount of revenue coming g acting movies,  telugu Lanvages in top heros to she acting to screen share the telugu heroes,

Education life

Priya Anand is born the Tamil Nadu state in madrass 17th September 1986 year, she good spiking the Tamil and Telugu Languages, she school and college complete  the Chennai city , the us to comlite the master degree,  to the communication of the journalism  complete the 2008 year,  next coming to us to India Priya Anand start the modeling in tv shows and some products advertisements programs she working the Priya Anand.  

Movies of the Priya Anand.

Priya Anand first movie in Tamil Language movie name is Vaamanan  good roll name is Divya  well foramens the small budget movie is supper hit the first movie, next new project also Tamil Langvage film name Is pugaippadam  roll name is the shiney George good traditionall looks to imress the Tamil adions to icon the Priya Anand.

Priya Anand first telugu movie is Leader roll name is the ratha prabha, good amount of the funs she crate the first movie to telugu family and youth reach the  one movie , next project name is rama rama movie is roll name is priya  is one of the love story is hero to exress the heroine in very romanctic and hero ram is good acting the Priya Anand, this movie songs is most popular and this movie  songs.

2010 year Priya Anand next movie is 180 movie roll name is narayanan this movie telugu and Tamil Langvages to crate the movie unit, she long time to wate the new movie to year one movie create the Priya Anand, first Hindi movie is English Vinglish film roll name is Radha is good acting the best name and new funs she  create the Priya Anand, this movie many awards she win the Priya Anand.

Telugu acting film are see the Priya Anand list , ko antey koti thsi movie roll name is sathya ,  look very good and very tradition look she main tances the Priya Anand,  next in no acting the telugu moves the Priya Anand good comedy and love express is very well do see the movie is live on YouTube.

Priya Anand acting Tamil movies see list either neechal this movie roll name is Geetha , very god well for fames the Priya Anand , next new movie is vankkam Chennai is film roll name is the Anjali is very hot look to see in this movie, this love seces are very well good romantic  and comedy drama see movie.

Priya Anand 2014 year new movie in Tamil Language arima Nambi roll name is the anaamika acting good and box occice collations also good the ths movie dram based story is well presentation the Priya Anand,  love express time see faces is so nice,  every movie she very hard work the fitness of the body and fines main tane the Priya Anand.

Same year next tamil movie is Oru Ooria Raja movie in the roll name is priya is real nameis also Priya Anand, this way many movie she reall name to acting the movies she not create the kiss scent  in movie , this is one of the drawback the Priya Anand, youth are see the kiss seces in the movie she dispoint the youth.

Priya Anand is the 2015 year is new movie is vai raja ai this movie roll name is the priya  Tamil  Lanvgvage movie doing very well, next movie is nayanathara movie is Priya Anand name is the teain in this movie crate the new look in heroine , songs also very well the this song see the Youtube, next movie is taken the two years  time.

Priya Anand next movie is 2017 year she Tamil and Malayalam Langvages, exra  this movie roll name also Priya Anand, this good acting to impress the people, next movie is the Tamil langvages to very normall revanu is coming the box office , this pricet tis wate fot eh one year to  the relase the 2017 year.

Priya Anand kenned movie is raajakumara film roll name is nandini look very fair and god acting the Priya Anand more people are coming to watch the theaters in this movie, next movie is tamil name is fukry rectums the toll name is the priya  Hindi dubbed movie she acting the very well the second movie in Hindi,

2018 year Priya Anand kochunni movie in roll name is name is janaki , best acting to youth iocn the Malayalam people, this movie now see the YouTube,   next project the Tamil Lavage to see the Orange movie roll Name is the Radha  she well forfamancs the Priya Anand, songs is very good acting the kannada to making looks good.


Priya Anand in 2019 year new movie is the LKG this film roll name is the sarala munusamy this is very haed hand acting the Priya Anand to make the very feeling to express the love her, Tamil Langvages, many movies she acting the priya name based to real name in movie name also do well acting the Priya Anand. Upcoming movies is Adithya varma is the Priya Anand roll is next watching the Tamil and new three movies she acting upcoming days relishing the theaters.


Priya Anand is the most of the Tamil and Malayalam movies acting the good name and more funs she Crete the long time 2009 to now 2022 year many moves in Priya Anand name to acting very well good fashion and tradition both are acting the Priya Anand, good body fitness to impress the youth she most active the social media, to contact the flowers to share photos and video in  every day.

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