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Nikita Galrani

Nikita Galrani

She one of the most glow skin face grille is Nikita Galrani,  she most of the movies acting the sothe Inaidan films looks very good and good simile to impress, Malayalam and tamill movies she acting the many movies , every time use the sociell media is 3 million followrs in instagram,

Nikita Galrani most supper hit movies name is 1983 movie is releasing 2014 year , same year vellimoonga , next project is Darling movie 2015 supper commercially hit and best successful  movies Nikita Galrani.  This movies awards also win the Nikita Galrani.


Nikita Galrani is born in 1992 year January 3rd   Karnataka state in Bangalore city, she education is complited the Bangalore school and college life is total offter she atart the modeling  2012 and 2013 time to first movie is coming the Nikita Galrani.

Movie life

Nikita Galrani is first movie is 1983 in 2014 year roll name is Manjula this  Mlayalam langvage movie, is supper hit the box office collation, next project  is start the Nikita Galrani movie name is Ohm Shanthi Oshaana  movie roll name is Thennal k  this also Malayalam good movie collations is very good two movies is supper hit to she Malayalam top heroine palces is conformed the Nikita Galrani.

Nikita Galrani kannada first move project name is Ajith film is Charulatha  in 2014  year, same year second movie is jamboo savari  in roll name is purvi  this some different neme the calling this movie. 2014 Nikita Galrani enter the kannada is good name and popular the short time. Vellimoong movie roll name is Lisa in Malayalam Langvage  box office is supper collation is coming.

First Tamil movie is Daring roll name is Nisha , this is a debut movie 2015 year, new movie project is conformed the Malayalam Langvages Ivan Maryadaraman movie roll name is krishnendu very good tradition looks to family adions to connact this movie,  2015 year is Malayalam other two movies acting the rudra simhasanam the movie roll is haima  next movie is rajamma movie this movie roll name is sherin she old days woman stye is show the movie.

2016 year first telugu movie project is Krishnashtami this film roll neme is the pallavi, this movie songs is very good for the imress the youth this film, every actor is doing same but elivte the story is most impartnt the every time, this year other telugu movie is malupu this film roll is kayal  she many times are debut movies acting the all lavages, she telugu lanvages is very small and shot time in screen shre the comparing the Malayalam and tamill movies acting to only two movies she acting and this are also other movie is remaking to use the Nikita Galrani.

Nikita Galrani is all tamiil movies are see the one places, team 5 this movie roll is nancy this project is start the 217 year  box offics collation is good and this movie is youth wahing many times. 2020 year is other movie I Dhamaka film roll is annie to goo movies to she comiliting the Malayalam movies.

Nikita Galrani tamill movies and roll names are see the one places  velainu vandhutta movie in roll name is Archana in 2016 year, next new movie prakect in 2017 year kadavul Irukaan thi movie roll name is priya , other tamil movie is motta shiva film roll name is jaanu is best villege girl good name is coming, maragadha Naanayam movie in roll name is chanakaya she 2016 year is 6 movies acting the Nikita Galrani every two moth one movie is relisng is big achivemet the Nikita Galrani.

2017 year  5 movies acting the tamill and Malayalam Lanvgaes, nruppu da this movie roll name is vasumathi  , next movie good project is hara hara mahadeva this movie is full traditonall and roll name is ramya looks very quite  impress the face glow, next movie is relising the 2018 yearkalakalappu2 is part two she acting he this movie,

2018 the pakka movie good roll name is Radha is best perfomans the roll and she love story is vey good name is coming to the Nikita Galrani, first kannada movie is acting the Nikita Galrani film name is O Premave roll name is Anjali this look hero love later to the teacher to chiled life to the 20 age ofter the hero to express the love to the hero this movie is one of the good looks for the Nikita Galrani.

2018 year Nikita Galrani new movies is acting the Charlie Chaplin 2 this movie is store continu to the roll name is sara , this is a one typle of the driking aloholl name to the heroine in tamil langvages , the nezt prakect movie name is dav the movie roll name is diya   comdedy and drama based to movie is well good perofmaing the Nikita Galrani. Kee movie is dubing the roll name is diya  this love story based the Nikita Galrani acting good marks is coming the adios.

Nikita Galrani  is new movies is 2021 year  only one film is acting the Raajavamsam the moie roll name is Gayathri in  Tamil Langvage , next movie Idot  this also Tamill movie roll name is Sumitha ,  this one is the good and comedy roll acting the Nikita Galrani.  Many movies are acting the tamil and Malayalam langvages to more popular the Nikita Galrani  soiell media she 3 million followrs .


The Malayalam and tamill acting good thia re 6 award are win the film of south India  actor, she rational and good fashion grille both roll is doing the Nikita Galrani all type of the people are is  watching the movie and story is convery the people new people are learnt eh Malayalam is wach the this movie sot free to watch this movies are live the Youtube now see her now.



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