Meta story


Meta story 

Meta story

Facebook company name is change mark zikker  brg the meta platform, the online top company 2004 time is launch the world wide the Facebook is text and video share the one people to other person, the most popular  apps is Facebook app , related  messenger app, same group websites and apps is whatsapp and Instagram,

Meta is name chnge to some old problem is slove the Facebook company 2004 to 2021 year to same name to continue the Facebook company this are new tools is create to upcoming days meta works is 3d views work is create the upcoming days , this are most vuchucall  work are impress the this software the new update software to  improve the soiell media working style.

The company is top three website like Facebook app , instagram app and whatsapp  appis top the every time the company is new launch themeta works is continue to the all plactfomes works, new fieches is ad the met works this way online gameing and peole see the 3d effice the real life.

Meta company market she see the top website revanu is three websites, and the last year is jio platforms is 10 share taken the Facebook, online 60% sociell media share is meta platforms. New gamings are create the coming days , the big fit the google this same revau is coming the world wide network iis use the both companys .

Google also same produt is launch the google acht application is hognuts, use the install sms to this app use video share website is the youtube is number one and  Facebook is two work is doing the one plces and this are videos time no ads are coming to the Facebook live and video waching time this one is big use the Facebook videos.

Whatsapp is the no ads show the user this way to online paltfomes to shre the ad free dn number one of the servies in world wide this plat fomes to upi based to money trasfor the one use to other user , the online shopping the now use the wahtsapp, bussines app is also avelabull the internet,

Instagram now daily 500 billion people are use the every day this are very high revanu is coming to the meta company this company share is grputh the every year, up coming days ott I relising the movies toll is give the user plan the meta company, now the year the online work.

Meta large number of the data centers is opent the india this way to start the day  the facebok now india second largest views used the every time this way online ociell media plaatfomes 60 market she to leader of the meta company upcoming days to this company is new feches is add the Facebook and Instagram ,

Prividy police this change the 2020 yerr this way to many problem is face the many people, data marketing is start the Facebook and watsapp privesy policy change to uninstall twp apps this tis problamis slove the sevarall monthe, paly store king is the wahtsapp any mistack to big penaltiy is give the user this ides to start  implement the new privacy polociy.

Whatsapp caht information is shre to Facebook this big problem and prople asking to the many time to no repely the meta company, this time some tech people are tell the some tips your personal information not share the sociell media and some rulls create your, don’t use the over chat the every person to the online.

Security problams

The online Facebook is many new user is black the all new create one month or long time this way online to not coming the user miss the Facebook remove the face reconigation to new people are create the with out your idety show the Facebook account create the online, follwin people are and algoritham based to many people reach the one day to block the Facebook this alos big problem the facbook.

The online people are shre the some face news and contat is more forword the long time and news comapnys are complete the Facebook, news use the Facebook and not shre the revanu in online news providers , every day 50 % of the people is search the daly news topic this way online people are waching to news website, news peoper companys are commet the sponted ads revanus is full takent the meta company.

Meta is upcoming days this compalnts are slove the next years, the  install sms share to one contry people to other company people use the  cht is distancs is remore the now a days. The online is very fast grouth the world wide, now iindia is 5g is start the this year next 6 month to all over india is use the this servies this way oneline good works to use and improve the your skils and works .

Facebook and all sociell media now a days people connact the very easy, don’t mis use the  one oerson to other person this way to create the good world ,  to happy to use the smart work and improve to woking style and communication also.

Word is supper fast this are upate to your follow the  change to save the money and time, one exampull is  2003 time incoming calls and out going calls to charge the 5 rupees per minute, 2022 now is calls are unlimited and internet data is 2GB per day  300 rupess per month   charge this are tech updates to use the good services.

The conclusion

The online meta company is best video and audio calls free to use the people is save the money to reach the world, this company is use the share people communication the world wide,  good way to use the internet your working is super fast and easy , this are use evey pne can communicate the your family and friend to chat now free.

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