Nayanthara life story.


 Nayanthara life story.


The telugu most glomers actor is Nayanthara, well acting and good body fitness, Nayanthara is real name is Mariam kurian  movie create time change name, telugu , and tamill most of the filim acting, some Malayalam movies also doing, the telugu all big hero’s to acting forbes new pepper is top 100 in Nayanthara also her, the every movie I 10 core rupees is earn money the movie making.

Nayanthara is rational and modal look are maintained the movies the ramayanam movie in seethe roll is best perfumes the good impress the family adions, many film fae award are coming to the Nayanthara,  tamill and Malayalam movies also filim fare movies is coming to the best acting, Nayanthara love  her brabudeva in 2012 time to  stop the movie acting the desiding the offter the bewcap her love to continu the movies acting the three langvages. 

Nayanthar is born Karnataka state in Bangalore city,  school and college is complete the Bangalore city, then she complete the bachelor degree  offer to join the English literature to start care some day offter to start the acting the movie. 2003  year to job well and complited education ofter wating to movie chanes.

First in Nayanthar modeling start the job time,  wait some time to she first movie is manassinakkare this movie is 2003 year good name is coming the move filed, the tv shows to try the time to tamill languages ti next movie plan the Nayanthar. Haris aya movie is one of the debuting movie she acting, lead roll is coming the 2005 time to heroine places  coming the Nayanthar.

Chandramushi  movie is one of thebest in starting days good movie and more funs are coing the nayanathara, then nayanathara is acting he nagarjuna and ragada mvie to prabas and bhalakrushna movies is acting the telugu movies the  2007 time Nayanthar acting billa movie to the nominated filim are awards.

Nayanthar next movie is tulasi is one different creator in tamill languages acting to nomination for the film fare, the mother young is tamill so bet for famines the story based to look very good for next movei to improve the Nayanthar, yaaradi ne mohini film is 2008 year to south India film fare awards win the Nayanthar.

Next movie also tamill languages this in 2010 year create to for falcons to tamill nominated the best acting and good remuneration is takent the movies, earcch movie 3 to 4 core charges the acting,  2010 year telugu to hero is bhalakrushna is movie is simha is wife roll to impress the many family adions, this telugu movie and other new film also bhalakrushna to make srirama rajam movie  this film sitha creator is well and most beautiful roll doing Nayanthar. First film fare award win the sri rama rajam movie. This movei last shooting day in creamy the to tell the stop movies in lift her love backup time to start new movies is last 10 years .

Nayanthar next movie is tamill bubbling supper movei is good acting and box office collation also normal an this movie is hit the low burject film this way this reach the making cost coming to shart time. The next historical movie is tradition look to show the village grille roll in krishnam vande jagadurum movie best actress awards nominated the Nayanthar. Telugu movies to nomination and awards win the Nayanthar.

Nayanthar 2013 year new movie in raja rani this is very fun Crete the acting lover corrector doing very well forfamcns telugu languages  this movie to film fare award win the Nayanthar this second  award to the Nayanthar next movie is nne ambani movie is very good love movie very normall peerosn is love to encore the improve the life and start the 10th class children’s to education instruction start to win the love the boy this way Nayanthar is very good love express in the movie screen.

First Malayalam film fare award win the 2016 year dream completed the puthiya niyamam to bet acting to impress the many Malayalam people to box office collation are coming the many years ofter she win the Malayalam best actress to south film fare award win,  next movie in tamill languages aramma n kolmavu kokila this both movies in good and best in revenue si coming the box office.

Nayanthar is 2022 year margined the director Vishnu to living relation ofter the maregied Thiruvananthapuram,  janavari month we margined them 4 moths to two twins are coming the very short time this pregent time to making the god father movie with chiranjivi to screen share  2022 year big hit the Nayanthar this time to two children’s are born the Nayanthar.

Marriage offer only 4 month baby cooing is never before and the next never ofter the this type of the 4 moth pregnant the Nayanthar only doing this masic the real life many hero and heroines vishes tell the Nayanthar. Twines are cooing the this year is very happy the Nayanthar, but  one qution is comig the every one , every woman is preset in 9 moths but Nayanthar is only 4 months prevent to becoming two twistiness are coming to the born,  social media  some comment is before marriage Nayanthar is pregnant time to margined the vignesh the full love story is coming to the up coming days.


The hroine Nayanthar is 4 moths parget then two twies are coming is world very shoking the every one, she love story tell the upcoming days to this mustard is reveal the movie funs and social media also this information is virll the Nayanthar twins are born in 4 moths this is very fast share the telugu people are very shocking and some people are asking before marine Nayanthar is pregnet to roll the social media. The next life Is Nayanthar very impartment real mother is we are tell congarchulation to Nayanthar and twines also good look impress all.



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