Krithi shetty life story


Krithi shetty life story

Krithi shetty

Krithi shetty telugu youth icon,  is identity the she face the small to short time to many people are seeing  Krithi shetty, this year many offier is coming to the telugu filim industry, main roll is coming to the , short time big hero to acting the Krithi shetty, each movie she 6 to 8 core earn the 2022 year , many time to coming the tv show to interact the many people.

Krithi shetty  is born  the 2003 seotember 21th  Karnataka state in Mumbai city to complited the total education life in Mumbai city complitedd the psychology , Krithi shetty is two sistors and bothers ,  she big family to coming to the  first job is commerciall ads to maney people reach them next movies offer the she acting is very well.

Krithi shetty movie in first movie is super 30 in 2019 year Hindi Language roll name is swathi is a student roll, the next movie is uppena is the telugu movie in 2021 year is telugu biget hit the total year this is very amsll amount to 100 core club is reach the small movie is wonder the 2021 year .

This movie is takent he star maa this full movie is wache the dismy hostor is streming the online to see her the this movie in salas eru song is biggest hit the, every new event time and lovers coming time this song pay the lovers,  this movie is win the soth india filim fare award the 2nd movie to top heroine places is coming the Krithi shetty. First telugu movie to top heroine  youth icon.

Krithi shetty  Next movie  is bangarraju is  2022 year roll name is Lakshmi  telugu in top actors nagrjuna and ramyakrushna this movie is acting the big movie to supper hit the 2022, nagachethanya hero to this movie is create the good name is coing the Krithi shetty, many new offiers are coming this movie most impartent is Krithi shetty face smaill to reach the love with eys. This movie is taken the star maa is ott in hostor is live see her the movie.

Krithi shetty macherla niyojakavargam movie is acting with nithin is supper exress dilogoge delavary to reach the most of the people, and  Krithi shetty she express the good feel in every time  this movie is politicall back ground to  roll name is swathi is very tradionall and best acting the Krithi shetty. But box offices is normall results is coming the this movie.

Krithi shetty this year is next movie is aa ammayi movie is alekhya this movie is one of the good acting the Krithi shetty exress the look to very hot pose see in this movie this movie songs is very well th, romantic songs is good , Krithi shetty  hero ram this movie in bike song is supper hit the this year,  eys to express the  felling  to see best in body fitness to lok hot in glowmers facs to the every time see her good pose.

Krithi shetty upcoming movies is untitted venkat movie  is 2023 year is both telugu and tamill langvages to ecpress the hot song the telugu movie ,  vanangaan this on going movie is tamill langvage this the ongoing project, the new movies  acting Krithi shetty.

Krithi shetty is event to coming entatinment the many people  connact the funs, soiell media is chat with the fancs to cht and live to shae the dancs and instagram rells is very famacs the Krithi shetty,  lacks of the people to reach the one post, Krithi shetty sociell media to paid produts shre the online , this way to she earn the god amount of the money.

Krithi shetty looks very traditionall and beutifull smile to coming to the event and parties also she looks very tradionalll mdress to coming the , more family funs to reach the  people, one exampull te  sone tv channel si envite the program to love propose the one person to express her love the she ask the one qucation my other ton is tamill your not tack the tamill this way I not eaxcapt the yur love, she one word tp smart and good way to express the felling and entatinment.

Krithi shetty ads is running the many companies the most imaartent the cheine shoping mall and julary shoppads also she acting the best express the felling, this only is ads exampull many more as she acting and promoting the prosuts in online and companies also.

Bike song is supper hit this year online is 10 milliion videos are coming the this movie song,  every event and parti places to this song is supper hit , Krithi shetty is good express felling to the face.  Interviews time is very good ansress the every time ,  movie pramoion time to tv channels internviw are conating the live asking qutions to live show. This chanes is don’t miss the live show.

Krithi shetty is short time best supper hit movies she acting the top actors and love storys she well doing and one examull is buss enter song in music to many college grille is create the reels to share the instagram and many sociell media to share to people.


Krithi shetty the telugu movies first movie sto supperhit, youth icon the Krithi shetty   love movie to start the telugu Langvage top heros to acting the good rolls and  she every movie is some different look to impress the youth and familys

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