Google story


Google story

Google story

Google company  real name is the Alphabet, this is multi products crate the world wide this is number one search engine company this group of the advertisement based to revenue is coming the running Google, every year   10 lack core money is earn the Google with advertisement revenue generate.

Google is foundation in 1998 year two phd students start the this company now the world wide top company is Google,  this company head office in California city,  this time yahoo directory is the one of the lead the world wide , Google is relies the search engine is keyword based optimize the reach the many people to very fast, big fit the Google and yahoo to next fit  the mail services, this 1998 time yahoo is relies the email is supper hit  uninitiated storage is offers the yahoo and user friendly and 200 million people are use the every day this change  compaction to Google is relies the Gmaill is   launch 2004 year is good work the use the people.

Google is target the youth based the advertise the Gmail to people are convert the Google product in Gmail is up the daily activity to down the yahoo mail this compaction is now continue the present also.  Google is Gmail is 15 Gb storage is offer the every user, 2010 time is all other mail to send and restive the mail  ides to change the algorithm this way one mail id to share one company mail id to other company mail id this way improve the business for the email market growth world wide.

Google News

This webpage of the news all website in one places see the world wide any Language one click to every minute to minute update the this Google news site this way all news website  stores see the Google news app and website also. This service launch the 2002 year.

Google Advertising

Google major revenue is coming to the ad words based this are main search engine and blog site to sue the display ads to revenue is generate the overall Google. The online is cpc based this work every one thousand views one dollar is give the ad senses the to people this way Google ad word is people give ads the Google, this are show the ad sends to blog and search engines to both are working the Google.

  Google amp pages

Te Google is new tech fiches is give the mobile users this way to low internet and large contat website is lode the very fast this improve the ads show ads well ads, day to day improve mobile searching users amp pages to fast to load and lite page news is first show the search engine also.

Google other products

The online free to offer the many services the normally people  like Gmail this work places to connact the all Google products this gmail, Google  all products  login with Gmail, Google most maps is most popular the travaling and one places to other palace distancs collocate the use Google map.

Google images this are most coman searh to see the photos to search results, keyword based image is she the lack of the photos in Google Image search also give the similar photos show on screen.

Google maps based the other toll is Google earth Is show the 3d maps this way to see the 360degge  view for all world wide see now, Google translate this word wide 120 Languages  to translate in internet. New people learn the one language to other language,  Google video calling services to use the duo application this working with Gmail.

Google chrome is best browser to safe and security in internet, this many fehes like the chrome exestuation to  add on your favorite apps install the chrome,   Google making produts like the Google phones , and smart dives  high end definition televisions is and best cars also create the Google  operating systems is create the best products Google.

Google trends this one of the best  way to see the search engins today top searches keywors is show the ranking wie your see the worl wie top keywords and related topic how the Google trands this are show the one keyword explore the Google 2004 to present time search volume to contry based the see all information one click.

Google online base office work to use the Google sheets, Google Drive and Google tex docs this are use the Gmail based one time to rerate the best working, doing in mobile apps also all working with Google is free to popper the many services, goggle is last 10 year to plan the free wifi serves the metro citys this are upcoming days  lance the Google, the Google shopping tool is add the 2020 year this tool can help the all online shopping sites products is how the one places, one exsampull is one woman is search the sarres this are many we site different rates this are keyword based search to one places to low rate best product see the one click and save the money.

Google cloud services

The Google is the one of the big data center the pan the cloud services is offer the many time this way Google is best service to give the costumer to long time data save in data center this are use cloud technology,  fast load the inter net page and improve the search engine .


The Google now fast and normally people is use the online products ,  search engine company is now world wide top company every year 10 lack core revenue is coming the only advertising this one biggest company is earn money online,  present cloud hosting and data centers create to use chips create the business expanded the Google network  world, day to day working and improve the user life to  most success company is Google.

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