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The telugu mega hero is chiranjeevi one of the top  person, the chiranjeevi full name is konidela  family   is 150 telugu movies acting telugu,  movie are telugu and tamill also kannada langvages to best filim he acting this are amny epic filim also good name is create the filims old puranas also he best performance the chiranjeevi. The  nilakatudu and the mann ramayanam and some movies in load shiva perofmacnes  many family adicans is impre the more fans.

The chiranjeevi prajarajam politicall parti is 2009 is state time to old telugu state like andra Pradesh , in 18 parlament sites are win the chiranjeevi. His win the thirupathi prlament to former minister the upa govrnament the total praja rajam parti is merged the congress party , to minister in culture and tourism of the India. The 4 years the minister roll to 2015 year to reback the filim industry new movies is create some movies are hit normall for famines to the box office , overall the telugu movies chiranjeevi most popular person of the two Telugu states.


 Chiranjeevi is born the 22nd  August 1955 .  very small village Mogalthur  district name is west Godavari in Andhra Pradesh state ,  degree in sri yn college, then chiranjeevi go to Chennai  city in thamill nadu state there in madras film institute to learn the acting in 1976 to start the movie create first normall roll to becoming to hero roll to telugu filim industry is top number one person is chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi is family also see her now the 1980 year time love married the surekha, we both her one chiled name  is sreeja and  ram charan   is alos hero in telugu filim,  ram chanran is married she name is upasana aphollo hospetalls md,  the r up coming days is ram charan is becomes a father tis  chart time to small hero is coming the home.

Chiranjeevi movie life is see  her now.

The chiranjeevi fistst movie is punadhirallu   this movie is very small roll to telugu movie to new life is enjoy the 1981 time, chiranjeevi also acting the tamill movies tosecound movie also good roll and the first hero roll is I Love You the movie is first hero  movie , this is good and normall hit the onl days in black and what movie is earn good amount of the revanu is coming to the next year othe movie also he create and acting well.

Chiranjeevi is 1982 year time is main roll of the movie is rramayya vaeedhilo  krishnayya this movie hero roll is directed is rama Krishna to promote the chiranjeevi  becomes hero, this year also next movie is subhalekha move to the first filim fare award is win the best actor , to all emoshions in face express the to more people to impress the store in the movie , the chiranjeevi dances is very good impress to stepes to mesparise the audions,  this time to chiranjeevi is noe see her back to every movie is supper hit,

Filim fare wword list chiranjeevi.

The most popular person to the Government is give the Padma Bhushan in 2006 year, chiranjeevi  Is 9 filim fare wawors win and 4 nandi awards is wine the filim life  this are see now.  1. Subhalekha movie is relising in 1982 year , 2. vijetha movie is 1985  year won,  3. Aapadbandhavudu movie in 1992 year won , 4. Muta mesthri movie 1993 year is won, 5. sneham kosam movie in 1999 year won, 6. Indra movie in 2002 year won, 7. Shankar dada mbbs movie in 2004 year won, 8. This is legendary award is win the 2006 year, 9. The award is 2010 year is life time achievement is won the chiranjeevi. Is nandi  awards is first movie is swayam krushi in 1987 year won, second  movie is Aapadbandhavudu in 1992 year in won, thread movie is Indra movie in 2022  year won the last is Honorary Award is won the 2016 year.

This time to chiranjeevi is many awars is win the 30 years of the life, many sevarall social actives also doing well the chiranjeevi foundation and trast. Theis also now continu the running the ram charan and upasna evey time to check the all trst woring  type and all are checking every month based and upasna also have the one charabull trast to save the children to help the helth fitness,

The chiranjeevi is 2003 time to running the maa tv bord number of the channel this have the 10%   the market share of the channel , this channel is India top 5 ranking is all time this channel is taken the 2012 year to star group is full right and the chiranjeevi also give the 10% share is star group, the maa tv Is coming to the star maa now this channel this time is number one of the telugu tv channels.

2018 time the prajarajam parti to shre the news in rel time to  live brogcast the maa tv to reach the many people ,  this is use for the political information is share the shot time good folloing is coming to 18 parliament sites is win the old Andre Pradesh, the minitor is also good work with the people.  2015 time to reback the movies acting the chiranjeevi.

The 2015 to present time is  good movie is  working the resent one is achrya movie is not impress the many people , then the next movie is godfather is good tack and very hazy the movie to people are coming to theaters to 100 core club is join the this movie. Overall the one movie is normally and other movie is hit total his every time best one is give the movie people.

The conclusion

Chiranjeevi is very small villege to becoming the hero acting to many people to reach the movie funs, every time is good smile to tack the every one is very good and many more soceill activity is doing with their charabulity to main tanned  several work is doing well.


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