Brahmastra Box office collation and ott is coming


 Brahmastra Box office collation and ott is coming to the hostor  

Brahmastra Box office collation

the Hindi movie is bigest hit the 2022, this movie is collation is coming to KGF Chpter 2 movie near the revanu is comming the this year, the Brahmastra movie is the other langvages also good revanu is coming the hindi movie, bigining the story and hero and heroine is love story good making the unit the Brahmastra is powefull in the old days war time use the this type of the astra, this one love and best movie is create the Ranvir copur and alliya bhat, look very good fare glow both persons this wife and husbands.

the online hostar ott to relising to plan the movie and hostar is name dismey hostor stor group is tacover the this dismey company,  ok thi stime to Brahmastra movie is coming to ott in this month plan themovie unite, this all reginall langevage like telugu,kannda, and tamill audio based to lanch the this movie up coming days to offical relising the movie information this is plan the amazon prime also plan the movie some langvages to relising the movie in ott.

Brahmastra box offices to collation world wide

this movis in world wide the500 core rupiess money revanu is coming to the filim, movie unit is the 16 lavage's to relishing india all language and other country's also relies the movie this mark gain the now a days this movie is upcoming 2 weeks to coming the ott paltfome this are planthe hostor and amazon prime to relise the in inida, other contry is netflex to ottt to coming the movie stremming.

ranvir copper and allya bhat this filim main roll bother actors, the best formamenr the on scren the romances to connate the more people, the movie songs are also hit audio, onine this are takent e sony music company this also good mark more people are like  mnay people, online views coming youtube trading this songs the online now the movie is online full videos is relising the company,

the Brahmastra movie ott relise

the movie unit and ott companies are sociel media so reels is comin to the online. the next two weeks to coming the Brahmastra movie in ottt more fans is very happy the this movie in online. many pople are theaters are noot coming to the now waching ott, movie makers is relaisng this information to plan the new anosment the movie in online.

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Brahmastra Box office collation list


Collation Amount


Day 1

36 cores rupees

9 September 2022, Friday  

Day  2

41 cores rupees

10 September 2022. Saturday

Day  3

43 cores rupees

11 September 2022 Sunday

Day 4

16 cores rupees

12 September 2022 Monday

Day  5

13 cores rupees

13 September 2022 Tuesday

Day 6

11 cores rupees

14 September 2022 Wednesday

Day 7

9 cores rupees

15 September 2022 Thursday

Day 8

10 cores rupees

16 September 2022 Friday

Day 9

15 cores rupees

17 September 2022 Saturday

Day 10

16 cores rupees

18 September 2022 Sunday

Day 11

5 cores rupees

19 September 2022 Monday

Day 12

4 cores rupees

20 September 2022 Tuesday

Day 13

3.50 cores rupees

21 September 2022 Wednesday

Day 14

3 cores rupees

22 September 2022 Thursday

Day 15

9 cores rupees

23 September 2022 Friday

Day 16

6 cores rupees

24 September 2022 Saturday

Day 17

6.50 cores rupees

25 September 2022 Sunday

 Day 18

2 cores rupees

26 September 2022 Monday

Day 19

2 cores rupees

27 September 2022 Tuesday


1.50 cores rupees

28 September 2022 Wednesday

Day 21

1.25  cores rupees

29 September 2022 Thursday

Day 22

1 cores rupees

30 September 2022 Friday

Day 23

1.25 cores rupees

1 October 2022 Saturday

Day 24

2 cores rupees

2 October 2022 Sunday


1 cores rupees

5 October 2022 Monday

 Day 26

1 cores rupees

6 October 2022 Tuesday

Day 27

1 cores rupees

7 October 2022 Wednesday

Day 28

1 cores rupees

8 October 2022 Thursday


Brahmastra Box office collation  are now the biggest the hindi movie this is pan India movie, this movie 32 Languages bobbing the  movie creator this recodes is coming to the box office collation is supper hit the world wide collation.

The movie next month is live one ott apps this are waching the movie your miss the theaters to now next monthe we inome the new user see the Brahmastra  Box office collation off success meet the movie unit. Show is live on the youtube, the movie is this first part and upcoming days second part create to paln the movie unit.

Songs video is live on Youtube watch the all languages is avelabull , the online most search the people information see the intest about the Brahmastra  actors life style and making places to search the online.

Aliya bhite and ranvir is the best look and relation ship to show the screen and well express the felling the both are graphics also very impact the impress the people and good looks to people are coming to theaters big box office collation this year.

Story is most impact the movie box office collation time,  comedy  and song to people is reach the short time to open collation and reviews is positive to people are show  watch the movie love fells is good romances is perfact the this movie.


The online sonsg to million of views is coming to the movie wining chances to impact the people are coming to theaters this type of the box office collation in Brahmastra film team work so good , now next week ott is coming the this movie watch the online.

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