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She one of the south India best female actor, Asin is speaks 8 Languages like the Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada most perfect speaks, most acting Telugu and Tamil Langvages and few years back she go to the Hindi movie like the Bollywood enter the Asin. 3 times filmfare  awards she win the south movies, good dancer mainly bharatantyam very well performances the Asin.

Life style

Asin is born the Kerala start in kochi 26th October 1985 year, she long time living in kerala  school and college life complete the after to coming to Chennai to graduated completed the education in bachelor of the arts,   Asin is full traditional life is very good city places is good dances for fames to tv shows also performances the Asin.


First acting the mobile ads to start the acting filed, first movie is narendran makan  Malayalam movie roll name is swathi this film in 2001 year, Telugu lanvages in ravitheja hero in amma nanna o tamil ammayi movie in roll name is Chennai grille good popular the Asin, this movie superhit the 2003 year this movie mother song is all time hit the ever green, Asin looks very good to impress the hero in this movie.

Next film is sivamani the movie 2003 hero is Telugu  nagarjuna love the vasantha  based the story to this movie is very most popular song is rama  in tempull is very nice, kosalya this song sing the sivvamani movie Asin roll as singger this also very good dances impress the vasantha final to reach the vasantha reach shiva to end the film.

 Asin tamil first movie is kumaran son 2004 year movie roll name is maythili , this movie is good for many Tamil follewrs are coing this movie Tamil youth icons the Asin.   Ever green glow in face the Asin body firness and own voices to many people is very easy identiy the Asin face and voice.

Asin 2004 year new movie is Lakshmi Narasimha is the one of the god film the Asin acting troll name is rukhmini, Telugu box office good market share is coming this film tack is very good for the long time to theaters show the movie , Asin next movie is gharshana this movie hero is venkatesh is good polics officer and she love the hero and express the love in home to long drive to see tell the I love you the hero to some days offer the hero except the love to Margie the heroine,  final to velan fit to complete the movie.

Gharashana movie song is now a days also youth waching this song, many tv channels singing reatity shows this songs are sing  good fame is coming the reality shows, online also this song is millions of the views are coming the adithya music this movie rights are taken then maa tv this movie satilite right is taken to now is live the YouTube see her new users.

Ullam ketumae the movie in Tamil Langvage roll name is priya, 2005 year , Asin roll is very well the movie is dress looks very good and song in dancs  to impress the many fans he old movie the movie is now avelabull the YouTube watch online songs in music is very nice , south movie is number one and every movie is good box office collation to top heroine name is cpomng the Asin.

Telugu Lanvages 2005 year chakram movie in the rool name is Lakshmi, this good acting forfamcns the Asin to name and fame is coming the Telugu movies , song  very well ang love sceens she good and express love way is very nice , gone grille is learn the love prapsoe the Asin movie to see the expres the over boy friends.

Tamil lanvages moveis are see her one time majaa movie in roll name is the seta , next movie is sivakasi this movie in name hema roll good for Asin, 2005 year, varalaru this movie in roll ane is divya, next movie is aalwar  in roll name is priya , new movei is pokkiri roll name is shruthi,  vel in movie roll name is swati good name for the Tamil lanvgaes to youth and family lovers reach the this movei then this movei aoffter she no acting in Tamil language.

Asin first Hindi movie is Ghajini  the is all lanvages to release the 2008 year roll name is priya, this movie hudayam song is supperhit the all langvages to the most popular the love songs, this time also lovers paly the hudayam ekkada song is YouTube to see and enjoy the song.secound movie in Hindi London Dreams   this movie roll is priya , to see the name is coming to long tearms. Box office  is normall colations is comin the this movie.

2012 year Asin three Hindi  movies acting housefull2 in movie roll name is henna kappor, second movie is bol bachchan this movie roll name is sania ali,  third movie is khiladi 786 movie in roll name is indu, this three movies are box office collation is very normally and she very hot look to not improve the movie this time last in 2015 year All is well movie to coming the screen name is nimmi sing halos same the box office collations final movie in Asin life.


The Asin is most beautiful girl is married Rahul Sharma is a co-founder of the micromax,  the no acting the new movies only she doing house wife , Asin is 2017 year one child is born the baby name is Arin.she present enjoy the new life the after marriage.


The Asin is south India movies to good fame is coming, Hindi movies also good name to the billion to married to stop movies now she full time wife of the Rahul sharma this life.  One  child is very quit the same Asin name near to arin is mashed  the both mother and son.


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