Amala paul

Amala paul

Multi lngvages actor 20 awards win the Amala paul , she one of the best Indian actor the Telugu , Malayalam and Tamil Languages  all top heros acting the Amala paul, high and top rating most success full actor is Amala paul.


Amala paul is the born the 26th October 1991 year , kerala state school and college is complete the kerala city , every one is one normally see kerala is coconate water to making the any food this way every dish is some coconate tast  this places to Amala paul living, she completing the B.A  in English.Amala paul is married vijay   in 2014 june 12th both are love  in 3 years ofter becomes a good couple, A.L vjjay is a big director  to married the Amala paul.


Amala paul is the first movie chanes iscoming the Malayalam Language movie name is Neelathamara  this best romantic roll name is Beena, next  year 2010 she veerasekaran movie in roll name is sugandhi this old name  Tamill Language  to best second movie she acting next movie also Tamil lanvgage film name is Mynaa the roll also maynaa good name is coming the Amala paul.

Amala paul 2011 year new project is Ithu Nmmaude katha this movie roll is Aishwarya Name mening is Money, this is a Malayalam movie , Amala paul next movie project is Tamill vikadakavi roll name is kavitha this good name is coming to the Amala paul codeday and drama based to film she dancs is very well , Deiva Thirumagal this movie roll name is  shwaetha Rajendran ,

Amala paul new movie is 2011 Bejawada Telugu first movie to good name is  nagachethnya movie is rol to  many people to connate the Amala paul, other Telugu movie is Love Failure this is the two Language Tamil also Lanche the movie unit.   This one of the good name and promotion style is change the Amala paul she becomes a youth icon the dream grille in south states.

Telugu movies Amala paul acting see her now, Love failure movie in roll name is the parvathi is name of the god , this film is Tamil Language to debeing the movie unit, newxt Telugu project in  year  of 2013 naayak movie in Nandini this movie mega star ram charan hero this very super hit the Amala paul life next project the same year Is  iddarammayilatho this movie hero Is Allu arjun hero in two heroines are see in this movie she love the hero and song is sepper hit the this movie.

Amala paul Telugu next movie in 2015 year janda pai kapiraju  ths movie in nani hero in she herine roll main actor of the film roll name is Indumathi , well acting to impress the funs and lovers romantic scesn sare very good acting the Amala paul.  Next movie in 2021 year pitta kathalu this movie roll name is neera this movie box office collation is nor mall the Amala paul movie.

Amala paul Tamil movie see the one places, vettai movie  good roll name is jayanthis , good acting and box office cattion also good remunaraation is coming the this movie, next Tamill movie is thalaivaa main roll and comedy is very good play the Amala paul, acp meera is good roll best acting the villens to fit aslo very nice the this filim, this live on Youtube see now.

Amala paul 2014 year 3 movies acting the nimimdhu nill filim good name and box office callions is good this filim roll name is DR. Shalini, next Tamill project name is the velailla pattadhari good look she doctor to servies the people to look very quite the Amala paul. Iyobinte pusthakam movie in Amala paul  roll is very good Dancer, this is Malayalam movie she sevarall lanvgaes to good fancs the love the Amala paul.

Amala paul next movie is 2 penkuttikal filim in roll name is the Aswathy in Tamill movie she very popular the heroine , top heros to acting high remuneration is tan the every movie , 2017 year the tami movie is vellaiilla pattadhari 2 is roll name shalini  good looks and love hero exress the cen is very well  all movie sin Tamill Language  she acting the Amala paul. This movie concluton also she smare roll acting the movie.

Next movie in 2018 Tamill Langvage rasasan movie Amala paul roll name is vijaya  is ultra modall girl to looks very well to express the feling the show in screen very well ,  she acting 2019 year in aadai movie in good roll name is kamini this Tamil lanvges based to acting the heroine well acting the Amala paul,box offices collation is good this movie acting good rating is coming the Amala paul.

This year in Malayalam movie in teacher is upcoming filim Amala paul acting , hope the this movie box office ocattions is very hit to expected the movie unit, this last two years big hit is movie coming the three Language , Amala paul every movie is very hard work for fitness and  face glow increces to help the like more people in Amala paul

Amala paul is new web series  in start the 2021 year first movie name kudi yedamaithe  Telugu Langvage roll name is Durga  Ott platform  now waching the this movie, next we series name ranjish hi sahi in Hindi Language roll name is Amma  pravaz Ott platform Voot is the network 18 group, First Tamill Ott movie is Victim roll name is the Anjana  ott platform is SonyLiv , this year tv show  name is raju vootla party movie roll name is self in Tamil Star vijay.


The Amala paul is the one of the most popular in three Language  almost top heros to she acting the last 10 years time , and 20 awards she win the 2010 to 2020 time, she youth icon the Amala paul one fo the dream grille the youth.

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