Akshra Gowda life story


Akshra Gowda life story

Akshra Gowda

The modal and small actor she create the different language movie acting Telugu,  Hindi, Kannada and Tamil to chancs to acting the movies,  now the she starting the movie life last three year time up coming time she best actor to prove the up coming days, many lanvages acting people is ashwarya rai and sruthi hasan this type of the heroines are two to three lanvages movie create the present days.


Akshra Gowda born in 1995 year, in kerla state, school and college is complited the kerala, Akshra Gowda  complete the bachurall of the degree  complites the kerala city , then start the modeling to care staring time join the instation to try the best chancs for the do ing well perfomancs the acting.


She start the modaling to soiell media to offaces are coming to the online works the shre the new modaling videos and photos share the online videos to reach the many people to short fiim is acting to impress the people to many people are waching short filims, to first movie in tamil lanvages is uyarthiru 420 this movie in 2011 dubet other langvage filim, next filim is hindi lanvages is fastivall movie is the chitkabrey  this also same 2011 year, vijay hero movie in tamil varstion she acting the side heroine roll the Akshra Gowda 2012 year.

Hindi movie is Akshra Gowda priyadarshan’s  rangrezz this is first Bollywood movie acting the  2013 year, next movie is coming to the tamil lanvage Arrambam in 2013 year ,  then the next movies also thamill langvages in Irumbu kuthirai in movie in2014 year, llong gab offter to 2017 year three movies acting bogn , maayavam and thorae.

The see her movies and role name uyathiru 420 in role is Devatha  tamil language, next movie is chitkabrey  this movie role is palk grewall in firt Hindia lanvages is good perfomacns look very fair shorp look in this movie next movie I plan the tamill lanvages thuppakki this comeday based drama shwetha name roll play the Akshra Gowda this movie is very special looks.

Akshra Gowda  new movie is 2013 year is rangrezz  movie roll is jasmine in Hindi language , next movie is arrambam movie in 2013 year roll name deeksha, she this movei is very good villege grille story based to best grlamrs roll is play the movie, every catecto is elevate the story in single screen, this isbest ulitey the Akshra Gowda,   create the best funs in online face glow and body fit ness is mantaned the first movie to present movie also.

Long time to Akshra Gowda create the movie in 2017 year all are tamil lanvggges in bogan movie is good looks to making the well perfoamncs she haed work the movie song acting is very well the express the looks good love sceens is very good express fell the love, every movei is one love story based to  create every direactor and movie creator.

Akshra Gowda is leady oriented movie also acting is sangili bungili movie is   good name is coing to the  express the love and romancs and self roll named to doing this movie Akshra Gowda. Next movie is maayavan movie in roll name is vishma name is some different, this also Tamill langvage based movie  very traditionall look to impress the many times spking method also very well Akshra Gowda acting is very nice work, song also very well  she  best look in modall and tradion moth ahave the good look for the converting the change the body style.

Akshra Gowda first Kannada movie is premadalli  in 2018 year roll name is sapna is reall way to see in good dreem is show the screen, this comeday and drama filim, bof  office cattion wise is normall to the taken the this movie but the acting is very good for Akshra Gowda. 

Akshra Gowda first telgu movie is mnmadhudu 2 in 2019 year akshra name to good roll play good comeday and drab also she love express sceens is very good for the hero impress the akshara is pay well good acting and telugu movie is box office  collation is also good.

Akshra Gowda  is 2022 year in teluu , kannada and tamill langvage movies acting thethis year.  Idiot movie is tamil roll name is neelagandi , next movie is kannada trivikram  filim roll name is sakshi  is best and good perfomacns the every  screen, love and camesty is face express well in screen the glow the face to convery the dilyoge delavary is so good,

Akshra Gowda telugu upcoming movies is the warrior and soorpangai this movei are both telugu and tamill langvage to create making movie unt, this movie in heroine roll play the Akshra Gowda, this moveis is relising theater or ott is conformation is upcoming days is verfy the movie see the online.

Sociell media activey is very well 3 million followers in all platfomes ths top in facebook and instagram account is 2 million followrs are create the long time to chat and share the daily and movie new update and traveling photos shre the sociell media , body fitness photo also show the funs, the best glow the facs is impress the every one with eyes, the maintained the long hair and sarry look s very well  hot photos shre the instagrm in shre lack of the people Akshra Gowda four lanvages  to many fancs create the movie world.


Akshra Gowda is very small actor to now the create the best movies in modall to actor is very good , 4 lanvages to movies create the last 10 year,  active the movies and sociell media also she looks the very hot and very beutiull the no rumars are coming the Akshra Gowda, this is very imparent  best movie create to win the filim fare awrds to people are hople to reach the upcoming days.

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