big boos6 Telegu tar September 4

 big boos6 Telegu tar September 4

highlights: big boos6 host by the nagarjuna.

84 days to run the show in teugu.

the Telegu people are watching big boss show in star maa channel first hosing jr ntr tken 50 lacksper episode  to this start the big boos teugu superhit 2nd big boos nani is hosting per month 3 core rupies, 4th series to Nagarjuna start show  upto 6th series every month 4 core rupees taken big boss show.

the big boos show every week one contestant is eliminated to last grand finale 5 number to one win the show every time 50 lacks prize money aunosment by the show.   

this show to sarigamapa and super singe  shows are closed the star maa wate to see the how manch entactin the show hit or fat let wat and see.6

this 6th show is very soon lunch the star maa, old member 5 persons are re inter the big boos  telugu this time cowman man show is al so lance Ott the offter the 6th show this also host by the Nagarjuna to plan the star maa, people are wite this up coming show to house members and competitions are see  youtube videos are create people earn money form big boss show.

big boos telugu: the show is the one of high expectation t star the first section show in other state in ne deli places to the show making and editing the full show and the show hosted jr.ntr, this most incrusting the show is succeed the high trp is comes first show of the week 500 bark rate to 950 bark rate to change the full rate is come the ony one show is the big boos telugu number on in the overall telugu tv industry life, second big boos telugu is hosted the avarage rang hero is nachura star nani is showted the show is deppthe sunina very tactic to attract and geetha maduri is singger very high popular to last finale episode to taken the geetha maduri. deppthis sunina is very tactic to full show is hit. big boos telugu 3 to 6 show's are hosting the hero nagajuna is very fun and display person is very happy to contacting and big boos telugu adios al so very happy the and high remuneration is taken the every week based on the trp wise to the well expected the happy and fun is create big boos telugu, non stop Ott is running the telugu in hostar is plan this show also nagajuna is hosted every week is people actuation is main the hero nagajuna is running the show and hose is supper performances the well seclated, big boos telugu now is very high exception to the next show is stated the next weak this are very high expiation fot the telugu people and this show tag line adopting the life this tagline is show the nagaruja is well 80 lack per week take money. big boos telugu in next setion6 very normal people apply the show and nonstop ott is stating normally people this way, star maa is plan the big boos telugu hosting the nagarjuna, and th nonstop also hosting the big boos telugu nonstop 2 is hostar plan the next ott big boss sho before the setion 6 hit to happy to well cone the nonstop show this nonstop is only view the hostor app this way your create the hotshot account to tree to wach the full episode in star maa channel of the shows, the big boos telugu very sensational create the tv world this very good program organistion of the stor group the elder of the telugu tv world, big boos telugu ever green the star maa hit show.

finals words:

big boos 6 telugu show is upcoming in soon this time two programs are close by the star maa let wait the adions this show are hit to happy for the this show finales run or not.

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