audio companies in India.

 audio companies in India.

highlights: audio companies own redoing stations. 

audio recoding  taken by the companies,

the India most of people are music love, movies are songs 30 minutes 6 songs to making a movie, new movie songs to audio rates to taken by the audio companies this are local and inter national companies re try the taken audio raids.

India most popular audio companies names see her now Aditya music, Sony music, lahari music, companies are running audio raitas  frame movie makers, every companies is own studio station running to crate own albums to relies the companies.

every commoner is own Ott and charge audio used persons, the audio companies are music tv channels and other sores to earn money.

every companies is own internet websites and apps are create and maintained the top companies is OTT all soo run the like sony live, and there companies are YouTube to launch the audio in animation videos parch the people. popular songs to cores of vies in single song thus way make money with audio.'

audio industry; this is very good and best induct every person is hearing the song and many more this are is running IMI(India Music Industry) this is started by the 1936 February 28, that time to every time is growth the music world this are major companies are see her now first company is IFPI this re in universal music the India company, sony music in India company, zee music company in the industry, Aditya music in the company, T-series in the industry company, this are in the all India music/audio 80% of the full legal rights are taken he companies, online streaming certification levels: this is very biggest topic in the Audio industry this very audio recoding studios and movie makers to some amount of money to now a days cores of money to taken the audio rites taken the audio recoding companies to music companies customers to reused the online platfom like youtube and privet parties time this albums are buy the customers, one see the albums range the rates regional films to small rate and hindi and English movies to alums to 75 to 1 housed rupees charge the music company this one fiches is avelabull that is 30 seconds free to used every song with out copyright the register companies in entire world. most of hindi sons are taken the rites in for online vies create people are and web series making people are used the music and background voices this way to audio is used this way to register of the company to pay the small amount of money the web series making person to pay the audio company, online dances videos people are take the audio right to taken the key linces of the audio mention description mention the audio full information the people this is very impartment the song of the register name and licens of the audio to used time motion very time the license of company name and code, this way with out copay right show the your making audio series and video of dances performances to take the lances.

finally words: 

India is music world this are now audio Comines are making and taken the rates to reach the people good music this are some comates are cores of rupees to taken the songs, YouTube to relies the animation video to lunch the very movie new song to ad sends to earn money.

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